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17 Oct 17- High School Football Report with Pan Duncan


  10 Oct 17-Download the ISPN Show and Interviews





10-3-17-Download Show Interviews with HOF Coaches Linda Lanker and Phil Pugh



 9-26-17-Download the ISPN Sports Show or Interview with Mike Whims


 9-19-17-Download the ISPN Sports Show, Featuring the Pin High Golf Show


 9-12-17- Download the Show or the Interview with Robin Waite


  9-5-17- Download the Show Featuring Original Seahawk Art Kuehn


 8-29-17-Download Interviews from the 2017 Boeing Classic



 22 Aug 17-Download Show Podcast & Rumble at the Ridge & Kings of Kitsap Interviews


 15 Aug 17-Download the Show and Interview with Hydro Racer Jamie Nilsen